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Looking for a place to catch the Packer game? Here's a list. Use the search bar above by checking the dot next to and entering an area code, zip code, city or name of a joint, etc... or search by state using the page buttons above. Call ahead of time to make sure that the bar is still open and showing the game. Preseason games might not be carried outside of Wisconsin. We take no responsibility for the information contained on this site. Furthermore, we take no responsibility for the information not contained on this site. Responsibility just ain't our bag, OK? It's a holdover from the 60's. If you have a place that's not listed, send us an e-mail and a check for $427 payable to "Elvis" to cover the cost of the aggravation of listing it and changing
all the fricking numbers of all the other places underneath it. (just kidding, it's free to list a place). If you run
into some dive that shouldn't be on the list you can send us an e-mail about that, too. Not that it will do one bit of good...but it'll make you feel better. P.S...we were just kidding about the $427.

Here's some new bars we're adding this week...
The Club 91  1259 Yellowstone Ave  Pocatello, ID 83201  208-237-9577
Mahoney's Pub 6490 Tryon Rd. Cary, NC 27518 (919)698-4409
Schooner's Bar & Grill   6226 Bush River Rd Columbia, South Carolina   803-661-6138
Lake Church Pub & Grill  690 County Highway D Belgium, WI 53004 262-285-3475

NEW !!! Hey bar owners...for a modest fee we will link your listing on to your bar's us for more for more info...

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